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SoulLife Independant Consultant


SoulLife® is here...

It's Your Opportunity. It's rare that an opportunity comes along to build a successful business while also making a positive change in the world... becoming a SoulLife® Independent Consultant is that opportunity!

The work we are doing is important, and the opportunity for you to make significant additional income is real.


Is there a better opportunity today, to change and improve people's lives!? By offering amazing products that could better someone's health today. And by offering someone an opportunity to start and grow their business so that they can obtain more freedom in their career; and help benefit their family. Today, there is an opportunity like no other and you can join this exciting journey that is about to really take off!


You can earn commissions and bonuses on the products you promote and sell and increase potential residual income by building and mentoring a team of your own. How you build your business is entirely up to you. Some will make this a full-time career, while others work only a few hours a week. No matter how you decide to work, we will be here to help you every step of the way!

SoulLife offers a unique and powerful business opportunity for Canadians. Whether you want part-time income or the financial stability to retire early, SoulLife is ready. Are you?

By being interested in obtaining and promoting SoulLife® products, as well as our Auto Ship program, you will save money AND could earn money each month, by becoming a SoulLife® Independent Consultant right NOW! You can create an account today so you may modify or stop your Auto Ship at anytime in the future. By joining Auto Ship, your order will be automatically purchased and sent each month. By becoming a SoulLife® Independent Consultant, you will obtain wholesale pricing and you could earn income ---- there are more than 11 ways to earn money with SoulLife® as an Indepedent Consultant.


Follow the steps below to sign up as a
SoulLife Independant Consultant


✅ Step #1

Before moving to Step 2: MAKE SURE you click the button below to watch the short video where Jennifer talks about how she left a lucrative 27 year career in money management so that she could take advantage of Soul Life, the AMAZING ground floor opportunity that is only in 5 Canadian provinces at this time but will be launched in the US and globally within the year:

✅ Step #2

Click the button below (it will open a new page) to start filling out the application to become a Soul Life Independant Consultant:

✅ Step #3

Enter your "Personal Info" (including your S.I.N. or Business Number) and "Shipping Address".

Please note that the cheapest shipping option is via Canada Post, a Box Number will be required to use this option.

shipping via canada post

✅ Step #4

Choose 1 of the following enrollment options:

Business Kit (which is the minimum requirement for all new Independent Consultants to help them begin): includes 1 SoulLife car decal, a CD titled "Building Your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn", a printed CELLENDA and a printed REKICK product handout sheet and a printed Compensation Plan and Welcome Letter from SoulLife ($49.95 Value).

Quick Start Pack:
includes everything in the Business Kit PLUS 2 bottles of REKICK, 2 bottles of CELLENDA, 2 bottles of REMAG, and 2 bottles of REFORM, (retail value of over $630.00, your price is ONLY $299.95).

Indep Con _ enrollment package

To help you figure what's the best option for you, you have to ask yourself "How serious am I about building my business and how fast do I want to build it? "

If your answer is "I just want to do this on a part time basis and I am ok with it takeing longer to grow my business", then all you would need is the mandatory Business Kit.

BUT if your answer is "I want to grow my business as FAST as possible so that I can supplement or maybe even replace my current income!", then it only makes sense that you go with the Quick Start Pack.... here's why:

1. First off, you will save a lot of money because you are getting the 8 bottles (2 Cellenda, 2 Rekick, 2 ReMag and 2 Reform) for a crazy price of only $31.25 / bottle (this is 55% OFF from regular price of $69.99 / bottle!!), and....

2. Secondly, these 8 bottles (essentially 4 Combo Packs) give you the perfect opportunity to start sharing the Soul Life Products with your friends and family so that you can help them to Unlock THEIR Health while you start building your business!

✅ Step #5

Choose your "Signup Bonus Products" that are being offered to you at a special rate because you are enrolling today! (optional).

Indep Con _ special offers

✅ Step #6

Make your Monthly Auto Ship selections. Choose from Cellenda, Rekick, or Combo packs for your "Monthly Autoship".

Indep Con _ choose monthly autoship

✅ Step #7

Enter your "Payment Method" and "Billing Address".

✅ Step #8

Set up your "Replicated Website", make sure to choose a name that will be easy to remember!

A replicated website (which is affiliated to you) is an important part of growing your business as this is where you can send your leads and when they too decide to UNLOCK their health with Cellenda & Rekick, you earn a commission on every purchase!

Click here to view the 11+ Different Ways that you can Earn an Income as a Soul Life Independant Consultant!

✅ Step #9

Your are almost done! Take a quick minute to download and read the "Independent Consultant Application Agreement" as well as the "Policies & Procedures document".

After you read and understand the agreement outlined in this document, click on the checkbox stating that you agree with it and then click the "Complete My Enrollment" button to finalize your application!!

policies and procedures pic

As soon as your finish the application process, you will get instant access to the login info for your back office so that you can start growing your business!!

Your order will be processed and shipped out in 1-2 business days.

✅ Step #10

Welcome to our Soul Life family! 🎉

As the final part of Step 10, contact me via messenger so that I can introduce you to our Soul Life family and add you to our amazing Facebook community where we support each other in our Soul Life journey to health!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Welcome to our Soul Life family! 🎉

As the final part of Step 10, contact me via messenger so that I can introduce you to our Soul Life family and add you to our amazing Facebook community where we support each other in our Soul Life journey to health!


Now that you have completed the application and because you decided to join MY Team as an Independant Consultant, I would like to help you get started right away AND get you on the RIGHT path to success by giving you a FREE copy of the same "High-Converting PROVEN Sales Funnel" that I am currently using to build MY Soul Life business (valued at $997)...

This funnel will help you to scale your business and help you to start earning income as fast as possible and because of that, click here & send me a quick message with your Name, Email Address (the one you used to sign up as a Soul Life Independant Consultant), and your Distributor ID Number so that we can get started with setting up your Sales Funnel right away.

I look forward to working closely with you as you unlock your health and build your business!

Welcome to SoulLife.... It’s all about doing what’s right and making excellent choices that feel good for the soul.

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